I am a vast territory, you will never own. You don't course through me, I course through you. Hear my voice. Sound travels over you. My birthplace has been written. I am a living document. I have my own identity so don't tell me what I am not. Beware of where you cut me through because you die when I die.

We are a vast territory, you will never own. You don't course through us, we course through you. Hear our voice. Sound travels over you. Our birthplace has been written. We are living documents. We have our own identity so don't tell us what we are not. Beware of where you cut us through because you die when we die.

This is a vast territory, you will never own. You don't course through it, it courses through you. Hear its voice. Sound travels over you. A birthplace has been written. There are living documents. It has it's own identity so don't tell it what it is not. Beware of where you cut it through because you die when it dies.




Borderline is a group of images exploring topography and territoriality. It's a simple concept, tracing a line. But once it cuts through a body - human or earth-body - a roar emerges. This surging voice from the perspective of an individual, people or land is what is being explored - a sort of manifesto.

Once a line is drawn, what is owned, and what is not, becomes palpable; Belonging and longing merges, And a heightened peripheral vision is inevitable. A sensorial mapping and a scanning of our own surfaces takes place, as a question glides over it all: how could we possibly think individuals, people or land are ever contained by dotted lines.

In today's landscape where appropriation and zoning are used as solutions to an economic, political and social crisis, what becomes evident is the borderline disorder of governments. The U.S. border portrayed could be easily interchanged by the Turkish-Syrian border, Burmese-Bangladeshian border, Israeli-Gaza border, Spanish-Catalan border or the Brazillian-Venezuelan border where my own country of origin has lately been facing tensions.

A set of six silver-gelatin prints were the initial exploration. The writing on the glass frame is erasable, removable, impermanent, transient like borderlines eventually are. Although this work was generated in analog format, as a three-dimensional object, it easily translated into digital manifestations as shareable media files. These media files will be spread on my social media channels under hashtag #boderlinemanifesto.



Let a roar emerge. a surging voice of individuals, peoples or land. Take part in a small act of actvism and spread #borderlinemanifesto.

Here are some animated GIFs ready to download. Just share it throughout social media. Don't forget to insert the hashtag #borderlinemanifesto


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borderline . noun


a : situated at or near a border (a borderline town)

b : being in an intermediate position or state : not fully classifiable as one thing or its opposite (a borderline state between waking and sleeping)

c : not quite up to, typical of, or as severe as what is usual, standard, or expected (borderline intelligence; a borderline personality disorder)


Latest Exhibition

February 1st - March 15th, 2019.

Group exhibition “From Within”

Center for Collaborative History - 113 Dickinson Hall at Princeton University. (Directions)

Gallery Hours: Monday - Friday 9:30AM - 4PM


October 26 - December 8, 2017

Mercer County Photography Biennial 2017

Silva Gallery of Art - The Pennington School, NJ.

“Borderline” was part of the juried competition "Mercer County Photography 2017" curated by Anita Allyn, Associate Professor of Art at The College of New Jersey and an interdisciplinary artist whose works combine photography, video, animation and print.