ORAL CONCEPTIVE is a reminder of which 7-day-phase a woman is experiencing in her cycle. Each image describes a potentiality to be explored.


These phrases are to be pronounced as wishes, or weekly affirmations. Carry it in you, and with you.

and on your iphone, too. just click each image to download.


Where are you in your cycle? Here is a guide:

DAY 1 | INTUITIVE | Menstruation
DAY 7 | CREATIVE | Folicular Phase
DAY 14 | RECEPTIVE | Ovulation
DAY 21 | REFLEXIVE | Luteal Phase

As women, we have a chance to tap more easily into a part of ourselves each week - one that nourishes intuition, reflection, creativity or receptivity within us. With this artwork, I am attempting to remind us all of that.
— Jennifer Cabral-Pierce


Originally, these images were distributed as a small set of cards, inserted into birth control holders, that I’ve collected during the last 5 years I submitted my body to oral contraceptive consumption. It was an attempt to take control over my own cycles and reclaim each weekly phase my body didn't experience. I hope to raise awareness of what we, as women, might be loosing when we interfere with our natural hormonal cycles by absorbing artificial hormones via oral contraceptive consumption. More at my blog - "So, why did I conceive this?"