Pierce Cabral Editions features a selection of images from the body of work of photographers Eugene Pierce and Jennifer Cabral. These photographs have been chosen and custom printed by the artists to create an unique Limited Edition Collection. Each edition is a testimonial of a partnership est. 2007 and ongoing.




I am a so-called “MINEIRA” - someone from Minas Gerais, Brazil. I tell it to anyone who cares to listen. But The romantic view of my origins became unsustainable. Using my family’s archive and images of my own childhood, I started to play with words. the idealized upbringing In a SOCIETY ingrained In the mining culture was uncovered - i Am a witness and an accomplice to multiple environmental crimes. We all are.

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A collection of ready-to-mail handwritten postcards celebrating life.

Created during an afternoon visit to Casa Azul, at Frida Kahlo’s dear Coyoacan in Mexico City, these postcards are an acknowledgment of how impactful this encounter with her belongings and living quarters was for me.

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This project is a group of images exploring topography and territoriality. It's a simple concept, tracing a line. But once it cuts through a body - human or earth-body - a roar emerges.

February 1st - March 15th, 2019.

Group exhibition “From Within”

Princeton University | Center for Collaborative History

113 Dickinson Hall at (Directions)

Gallery Hours: Monday - Friday 9:30AM - 4PM


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"I am very selective of all objects that surround me. It's not often that I come across that which resonates with what I envision. But once in a while, I MUST own an object: My copy of leaves of grass; Irwin Glusker's moon calendar; FRIDA-Like dress; Crystal pendant.

I pick these carefully. I have NO energy, time or space to spare. What goes on my desk, walls or shelves matter as much to me as what goes into my body: Non-GMO; organic; grass-fed; Local whenever possible. 

I only claim a piece of art for myself on rare occasions. And, I hope you do the same. "Add to cart," and Art should not be trivial. Look at it. Do you need it? Go to the next. Breathe it in. Is that the one?

It might not be the right piece. It might not be the right time. But next time you are about to claim something for yourself, I hope you can find it here."

- Jennifer Cabral-Pierce