Red Glory

It's a celebration feast.

Roasted Beets!

In all it's red glory! In all my red glory!

I just got my period. I wasn't supposed to. But it's here. Doctors told me after 1st chemo it would be gone for a while, if not for good. But here it is.

I should've known that craving for carbs was a sign. That's why that gluten-free chocolate chip cookie tasted so heavenly. I should've looked at the calendar and noticed it was that time of the month. But I was told not to. I was told to let go. I was told the odds were against me. So I did let go, and blocked all the signs I religiously read week by week from my body: "It's coming. It's here. It's that time."

It could be mere coincidence that yesterday I had a 2-hour energy medicine session. The focus was balancing hormones, ovaries along with aligning other meridians. The practice includes a bit of acupuncture, reiki, craniosacral, pranic healing, chacra balancing, you name it.

I will use energy medicine sessions, along side herbal medicine and chemo, and surgery and radiation. I'll cover all bases. Why not?

So here it is. For how long my period will stick around I don't know but I'll take every bit of it. Every drop of it.

Now, Let's roast these babies!