This is my garden

Georgia O'Keeffe ~ Jimson Weed, 1932.

Georgia O'Keeffe ~ Jimson Weed, 1932.


~ Written after walking by the chemotherapy infusion room and its garden, during a routine visit to the hospital. Which is never routine.

Was it really me, sitting on that chair? Trapped in tubes and veins.My roots and branches force-fed?

An Encased garden: my own body.

It's arboreal blood streams; it's solid bone filaments; it's expansive air ducts. It's blooming heart.

My garden!

Yes, it sat there encased in glass. Apart. Severed. Cut off. Disconnected. Alone. It did.


(I pound my chest as I write this).

This Garden is again mine.

Sovereign. Private. Secret. Unviolated. Untouched.

This is MY GARDEN.

Watered. Fertilized. Nourished. Evergreen. Alive.