Last day

The last day. It took me eight months to get here. During all this time I had to place my life in the hands of others, over and over again. During each session of chemo, each step of the surgery or each dose of radiation someone could've saved me, or not. There is nothing more humbling than that. But delegating my life to others will only take me so far. Now doctors are telling me: "I'll see you next month". "I'll see you in six months". "I'll see you next year". That's it? Wait. No more daily visits to the hospital, blood counts, blood pressure, body temperature, nothing? But, do I even know how to take care of myself at this point? I better. Because my life is now in my own hands. Here. Take it. Hold it. Your life is yours. Thank you for all those who took over this task for me. But I can not delegate my healing to others forever. It is my own responsibility now. This is not the last day. Like many say, it's the first day of the rest of my life.