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Anthroposophic Medicine Center in Chestnut Ridge, NY

Anthroposophic Medicine Center in Chestnut Ridge, NY

This trip had many reasons. To receive hugs and kisses from my niece and nephew, the best medicine of all, was one of them. The other reason was right behind their backyard.

After 15 years living 10 minutes away from each other, my sister and I now live in separate states. What we didn't know is that her new home would be next door to one of the only places Anthroposophic Medicine is available on the east coast. I don't even have to drive, just walk through the beautiful woods behind her house and I reach this doctors' office in five minutes.

This was my 4th consultation. Some of the appointments had to be over the phone. Traveling wasn't always possible during cancer treatment. For 8 weeks now I have incorporated a new remedy in my healing process. Widely used in Europe, here in the United States, the injections I administer to myself three times a week are an alternative method considered occult and controversial. And for those who know me: alternative, occult and controversy fits me well.

No other medicine gives me deeper sense of healing than Iscador. A remedy made of the sap of the mistletoe, it was first known by the celts. Others consider it flat out parasitic and poisonous and therein may lie its powerful effect on cancer. In the Celtic language, Mistletoe means "All Heal". The ancient Celts believed Mistletoe possessed miraculous healing powers and held the soul of the host tree.

When I told my radiologist about this treatment he said: "It can't hurt." Well, in my view and for many others, it can heal. And it is now part of my regiment. My sister's move might've been just one more nudge of the universe to set things in motion in a mysterious but perfect way. After all, there are no coincidences.


I've written a bit more about Mistletoe on a previous post that you can read here. And some info on medical trials using this remedy can be found here. Please find certified Anthroposophical practicioners to guide you on your healing process if you decide to follow this method. A list of doctors in the United States can be found here. Informações sobre este tratamento no Brasil podem ser encontradas aqui.