Road is clear

The ultrasound was clear. No bumps on the road. No lumps on my way. The road is wide open. It was just breast tissue that has now been forever changed after all the chemo and the hormonal changes that followed. I now have to remind myself that I went into instant menopause during this treatment. So I not only get those hot flashes, but a breast that may feel more lumpy than it ever did before. As a result, neither the doctor or I could tell if what we were feeling on my right breast was normal or not, until we did this ultrasound. But now I am good to go. The road is clear. Nothing to stop me. Other than my mind. Yes. I got into some dark country roads. Winding down to many "what ifs" scenarios. Hard not to go there. It is difficult to believe the long detour your life took is about to lead you on a long wild ride with open skies above. So forgive me to have scared you. But thank you for being there with me. Now let's hit the road. We have a long journey ahead.

~ photo taken on the way home, with my entourage of friends beside me.