What can I say?! On the one-year anniversary of my mastectomy I feel a revolution has taken place.

Surgeons were questioning my choice of no-reconstruction on my left breast as I was being wheeled into surgery, - to the point I wasn't sure what I would find once I took all bandages out: would they have left extra-skin for a "future breast-mount" as they were recommending, or would they have respected my wishes for a flat left side? They followed my wishes and I am now a proud lefty or righty depending on your perspective! ;)

An article on the New York Times a year ago was just the first wave of confirmation I had made the best choice for myself ( ).

This month's Oprah's entire section on women who have chosen to go flat ( ) made no-reconstruction "mainstream";

And finding someone like @Anna.Bonny - who like me, is in awe of her body and wants to continue playing with herself and with life is so empowering. We are amazing! #happyoneyearanniversary


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