Your order is on it's way

Well, I ordered these months ago. It was back ordered and I completely forgot about it. Now It's going to arrive tomorrow. And it seems complete irrelevant. No, it's more than that. It feels completely ridiculous to look at these pants right now. Let alone wear it!

It's not like I am hoping on a plane to Brazil. And nothing would confirm more that I've become a tourist in my own country, than wearing this screaming tropical pattern carrying my suitcase on a connection at the Galeão airport.

And it's not like I will be heading to yoga sessions on the beach in Sea Girt like last summer at the Jersey Shore. Maybe in late September I'll go there. After the crowds of "bennies" head home and the Jersey shore becomes calm and permanent again, less hyper and high as in July.

Yes. I could return these pants. Or tuck it away until next summer. But instead I'll wear it. I guess, wearing it's part of being OK. Being OK with this whole process. I'll wear it as a reminder that a slight change of plans... (I guess stage 2 breast cancer and eight chemo sessions qualify as, a HUGE change of plans...) is not enough to make me forget that sunshine is here, and so am I.

A day, in case you are interested, you can order your own set of rainforest print pants at