Local Feast

So, Local has a whole new meaning now. It used to be a conscious choice. Now its a matter of no choice. There are days that anywhere is a bit too far.

Would not recommend to anyone on day 2 after Chemo to head to Whole Foods. Even the 30 minutes that it took me to go back and forth felt like a trip to Yosemite. Those days that you are a bit impatient with the cashier goes to a whole new level: "could you speed up a bit or I will either faint or puck in front of you?"

So i feel very lucky to have ZFarm down the road from me. 2.8 miles to be exact. I go there for my veggies. Most beautiful organic leafy greens around.

And then, there are the Goat cheese sandwiches from Lawrenceville Provisions. (I take it home and pop it in the oven and have it with a cup of soup, for a heavenly treat on the days my belly can handle it.)

And let's not forget the eggs from the happy chickens at Cherry Grove Farms. (Always nice to see the beautiful lady cows, my friends Kim and Andrew take care of!)

Last but not least comes Gingered Peach bakery. Yeah, I know... sugar. I guess my body figured it's a no no. That is one thing that changed. Salty is more tasty for me now. But once in a while I like a corn muffin. Moist. FluFfy. Coconut-laced. Not even my troubled-digestive track can resist it.

Since we are talking food, my friend Beth sent me this beautiful website. Here are my picks from the Forest Feast.

- Anything goat cheese is very soothing right now.

- Lettuce is the new bread. Much easier on my tummy.

- Beats, yeah!