Born in São Paulo, Brazil.

Lives in New Jersey, U.S.

Jennifer Cabral holds a BFA from the School of Fine Arts, Escola Guignard in Photography, and a BFA in Social Communications from Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais, in Brazil. She relocated to the U.S. to attend the Continuing Education Program at The School of Visual Arts in New York.

As a member of National Press Photographer Association, she started freelancing for newspapers in central New Jersey in 2002 and has been an independent photographer for over 15 years. Her darkroom printing expertise was used to reproduce negatives from The New York Times' archives, and to create digital pigment prints. She also digitized and reproduced images for publications such as Vanity Fair and Vogue using high-end digital pigment printers and Fine Art fiber-based digital papers.

Her series of photographs about the the aftermath of September 11th, was published into the book “Here is New York - A democracy of Pictures”, and participated of its traveling international exhibition.

Since 2010, she holds a permanent position at Princeton University as a Library Collection Photographer for the Rare books and Special Collections division creating imagery for their Digital Library Initiative. 

Cabral is currently pursuing a MFA in Information at Rutgers University - School of Communication. Her studies focuses on the potential for democratization of libraries, collections and archives when photography, digitization and cataloging efforts are combined.


Jennifer Cabral’s work has been featured in publications and institutions in the U.S. and Brazil. Some participations include:

SELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS “From Within”, Princeton University - Center for Collaborative History | Extra-Sensorial Perception: A Feminist Art & Variety Show, Brooklyn | New York Historical Society, NYC | National September 11 Memorial & Museum, NYC | D&R Greenway Land Trust, NJ |  Plainsboro Historical Society Museum, NJ | Arts for Peace Gallery, NYC | Escola Guignard - Universidade Estadual de MG, Brazil | Mercer County Photography 2017 | Mercer County Photography 2015 (Honorable Mention) | BOOK Here is New York - Publisher Scala | SOLO EXHIBITIONS Sete Dias Depois - Pontifical Catholic Univesity of Minas Gerais, Brasil | Sections, Gallery "Letras & Expressoes", RIO DE JANEIRO | CULTURAL PROJECTS Arte Postal - Municipal Law for Cultural Incentive, BH, Brazil | Contaminações - Seminar on Contemporary Art, Workshops and exhibitions, Federal University of Minas Gerais |  AWARDS 2019 Latin American Photography 8 | Revele Belo Horizonte - (Honorable Mention), PUC-MG | Short Stories - (Honorable Mention), Premio Mario de Andrade, PUC-Minas  |  SELECTED CLIENTS & PUBLICATIONS Der Greif - Guest Room online feature | Editora Trip - Revista TPM | El Pais | Princeton University | Princeton Packet Publications - Register News, Messenger Press | American Repertory Ballet Princeton School | SHAC-NJ | Jornal Diario da Tarde | Jornal Estado de Minas | Jornal O Tempo | Jornal Hoje em Dia | ASSOCIATIONS & CERTIFICATIONS: NPPA-National Press Photographers Association | Phase ONE Certified Professional | ImageMuse - cultural heritage imaging discussion group.


Photo by Eugene Pierce.

Photo by Eugene Pierce.


“I am a photographer. But before I ever intended to work with a camera, an invisible force pulled me towards libraries. I learned books were safe. No. Books were friends. I was ten. Fast forward thirty years, and That gravitational force hasn’t stopped. Books became my subjects. I am now a Library Collection Photographer, as well. Some days I feel I can not only photograph a book, but write one too. Life has funny ways to make you try different things. In 2016, I became a cancer apprentice. I didn’t write a book about it. Just a blog. I haven’t written only that chapter. There are other writings. Just like I don't photograph only books. There are other photographs. There is also another photographer in this story. The one I married. We live outside of Princeton, New Jersey, at a place once called Maidenhead. Which reminds me… Once upon a time, my return address was Belo Horizonte. That’s according to the legend. It starts like this: “I was born in Brazil. There was a full moon. It was a Tuesday.

- Jennifer Cabral